We have extensive experience of training users on Windows, MS Office applications and the Internet. We're also happy to develop a course for other widely used or bespoke applications 

All programmes are flexible and will be designed to meet your requirements


Duration Intensive from 1/2 day
  Scheduled  programme over a period days or weeks. ( minimum 2 hour session recommended)
Numbers Individuals We'll discuss your requirements establish your objectives and develop a course that suits you. Training can be scheduled for days or evenings.
  Groups We'll carry out a training needs assessment so that the training meets the needs of the both the organisation and the individual. (For groups a maximum of 10 is recommended and individuals should ideally be of a similar level of ability
Course Level Beginners Introductory courses covering Windows Basics, and introductory courses in Word, Excel and other Office applications
  Intermediate Build on your existing skills in Word, Excel or convert from other applications like Word Perfect or  Lotus 123.
  Advanced More advanced use of Word, Excel, Access,  application integration, macros
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